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Das Cover von Nick Drake's Pink Moon jetzt von Pete Black mit Konzertflügel: Pete's Moon. Anhören und kaufen unter anderem in diesen Online-Shops: iTunes, amazon, spotify, musicload, google play, artistxite, fairsharemusic, telekom music, Media Markt, meteli-net, MUZ.RU, Napster, Nokia Music,, Rhapsody, Saturn, Starzik, tdconline, Vodafone, eventim, Weitere Details auf der Website von Pete Black.

Wasserbett Zubehör - youth travel blog

Wer sich zu Weihnachten gemütlich betten möchte, sollte die nachfolgenden Infos beachten!

Das Wasserbetten Zubehör der Firma Aqua Viscaya darf Bettwäsche nicht fehlen. Aqua Viscaya verkauft aus dem Sortiment der Firma Elegante (aus der Elegante-Kollektion) Joop-Bettwäsche in allen Größen.
Auch im Wasserbett Zubehör: Wasserbett Heizungen (für Wasser- und Gelbetten).
Aqua Viscaya vertreibt Wasserbett Heizungen aller sich auf dem Markt befindender Hersteller. Die Wasserbett Heizungen sind entweder aus Carbon (von der Firma T.B.D), Keramik (von der Firma Delta K) oder Calesco Kanthal (von der Firma Calesco).
Alle Wasserbett Heizungen / Heizsysteme verfügen über einen automatischen Thermostat (Temperaturregler), wobei Aqua Viscaya die Carbonheizung der Firma T.B.D. empfiehlt.
Die Fa. Aqua Viscaya hat neue Angebote zu fairen Preisen an Wasserbetten Zubehör. Ein Besuch lohnt sich!
Aqua Viscaya Wasserbetten + Gelbetten 
Filialen in Stuhr (bei Bremen), Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Ingolstadt, Wiesbaden und Frierichshafen
Torsten Mehlgarten
Moordeicher Landstr. 35
28816 Stuhr
Zentrale.: 0421 – 8305379

Youth travel in Paris, France

If you are a traveller in europe, make sure to visit all the important places of interest. A visit in Paris for example needs a visit a the pompidou, as well as a visit of the eiffel tower. But be careful and watch your wallet all the time. Pickpockets can be around you especially in public places. Have a fun and save trip!

English courses for kids - youth-travel-blog

Remember the days when going to school was fun? When learning something new involved playing games, singing songs, and creating stories? Well presenting these methods might not go over so well in the workforce, but it doesn’t mean kids can’t have fun when their parents are at work. English courses for kids are some of the most valuable extracurricular activities parents can invest in for their children.
So why should kids start English classes early on?

Well, children have an amazing ability to learn quickly and efficiently. Their brains are like sponges and as far as language learning goes they have the ability to learn without many of the anxieties adults have. They learn for fun, not out of obligation, or to improve their resume, but because it‘s an activity. Enrolling children early on for English courses outside of school will only improve their school performance. Teens are similar in that they are still so young and have the ability to learn at such a high level. If you doubt this, check any teenagers Trigonometry homework, and chances are your opinion will change. Not to mention that after taking an extra English course, children and teens alike will have the ability to return to school confident in what they know, enabling them to really concentrate and fully engage in more advanced lessons later on.
However, enrolling kids in just any course doesn’t achieve the same objective. Parents should look to enroll their kids in courses abroad where English is spoken natively. Places like Great Britain offer an amazing opportunity to learn English and broaden a child’s cultural awareness. Not to mention the added benefit of native speakers as instructors. International Projects offers many fun and safe opportunities in Great Britain for kids and teens to advance their English skills.
So the next time you start day dreaming, wishing you were anywhere but the board meeting consider a fun opportunity for your kids and put them one step ahead of the rest by considering English courses for kids.
Ute Nanninga

IP International Projects GmbH

Martinistr. 60 D - 28195 Bremen Germany

Phone: ++49-421-79258-37

Fax: ++49-421-7925820