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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to spend a summer abroad and „do as the Romans do? “ Or maybe just spend a summer learning a foreign language and experience the culture, people, and places you most often see in books, on TV, or in the movies? Then let IP be your gateway to an unforgettable, thrill packed Junior Summer Course Abroad.

IP’s Junior Summer Courses offer you the most stimulating, safe, effective way to immerse yourself in another culture. Experience not only language and history, but local food, events, parties, and people you can create lifelong friendships with. Spend your mornings developing language skills based on our practical and innovative curriculum for all levels and ages. Extend your experience beyond the classroom in the afternoons and evenings by participating in events and activities fully supervised by our friendly and helpful staff. Each staff member has been carefully selected for their experience and attentive attitudes in order to give you the most valuable language learning experience. Our staff offers expertise, dependability, and most of all fun! IP’s Junior Summer Courses are built through confidence and experience giving students a whole new summer holiday with a multi-national twist. Choosing to spend your summer with IP will not only increase your cultural awareness, but boost your resume and confidence. 

So kick the old habit of spending your summer inside at the TV or at your computer. Give yourself something new and exciting to talk about that first day back at school. Pack your bags and prepare yourself for a memorable summer that will jump start or improve your language abilities. Let IP be your ticket to a learning a foreign language and expand your world beyond your front door.

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